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I’m watching Glee


11964 others are also watching. Glee on GetGlue.com

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Random Glee thoughts.

Hoping Will Schuester will remain consistent and won’t allow Unique to perform with the girls during Glee club. But well, when was the last time Glee was fair to Kurt Hummel?

P.S.: Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like Unique.


Im in pain

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(1/?) AU in which Kurt Hummel sees his idol, Blaine Anderson, on a boulevard in New York. Obviously, he’s madly in love with him.

Oh my god, it’s him.

Blaine Anderson was standing there, no more than twenty feet away, signing autographs and smiling around at his fans as if he had nothing better to do.

“Go talk to him!” Rachel urged, as if that was obvious thing to do.

Kurt blanched. “I- I can’t!” he insisted, resisting as Rachel began to tug on his arm. “No, Rachel, really! He’s- He’s busy, I’m sure he doesn’t want to talk to me, I’m fine just admiring him from afar, really-“

“Kurt Hummel,” Rachel snapped. “That is your rolemodel and inspiration standing over there. This may be your only chance!”

Kurt sighed and whirled around to block Rachel’s path. “Look, thank you, but if I tried to talk to him I’d end up making a complete fool of myself and spend the rest of the month wallowing in a state of utter melancholy. I can’t afford that right now.”

She huffed impatiently. “You’re crazy, Kurt.”

“Just drop it, okay?” Kurt pled, adjusting the strap of his bag and walking backwards, away from her. “It’ll see you back at the apartment, okay? I’ve got to go- oh!” He ran into something - someone - and quickly stumbled to a stop.

“Oh, man, sorry about that,” a smooth voice said, strong hands reaching out to steady him. Kurt glanced up at the man. “Wasn’t looking where I was going. You alright?”

Kurt’s jaw dropped.

Blaine Anderson - the Blaine Anderson - was standing there, smiling brightly at him, his hands still on Kurt’s shoulders. He was so close Kurt could smell his aftershave.

“I,” Kurt finally squeaked. He cleared his throat and straightened up. “Hi!”

The musician chuckled. “Hey,” he greeted easily. “You okay?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m- I’m great, actually.” Kurt laughed a little at himself. “Sorry, that was my fault. Apparently walking backwards isn’t one of my many talents. Shocking, I know.”

Blaine threw his head back and laughed. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m sure you walk forwards very gracefully.”

Kurt blushed.

“Hi Blaine!” Rachel greeted, suddenly right beside Kurt and holding out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Rachel Berry, this is Kurt Hummel. He’s a huge fan of yours. Not to say I’m not, but I must say my tastes more gravitate towards-“

“Rachel,” Kurt hissed, mortified.

Blaine took it in his stride. “Pleasure to meet you both!” He shook Rachel’s proffered hand, and then Kurt’s. (Kurt memorized the sensation, knowing it would likely be his one and only chance to shake hands with his idol.) Blaine’s gaze kept flickering over Kurt’s face, an unreadable expression crossing over his face. “Hey…Are you coming to my show tonight, perhaps?”

“You have a show tonight?” Kurt asked, frowning. “Oh my god, why didn’t I hear about it?”

Blaine shrugged. “It’s pretty low-key; just a local club. I’m doing it for a friend. You should come check it out, if you have time!”

Kurt opened his mouth to respond, but Rachel jumped in. “I can’t, unfortunately - far too busy with schoolwork - but Kurt’s free!” She flashed her friend an innocent smile when he glared; she knew full well he had to go to work early the next morning, and still had a couple designs to finish up. “I’m sure he’d love to go. Where is it?”

Blaine gave directions, and Kurt promised to be there. He did not miss the way Blaine’s face seemed to light up, but he assured himself it was probably just his overactive imagination. Wishful thinking.

“Blaine.” A man in a suit appeared at the musician’s elbow. “Come on, the car’s waiting.”

“Alright.” Blaine flashed Kurt and Rachel a final smile, waved, said “hope you see you again soon!” and departed.

Kurt exhaled shakily. “Rachel.”


“I have to go to that concert.”

She grinned. “I couldn’t agree more.”

We can have more, y/y? 8D Please?

moremoremoremoooooore !!!!!!!!


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Remember the rules, Klainers……ALWAYS AND FOREVER REBLOG.

how many notes do you think we can get before season 4?

is 500,000 unreasonable? i think not. the challenge is set.


Klainers, we need to remember this now more than ever. 

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here ya go nonners. that the only picture i have of them actually posing for a photo together
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here ya go nonners. that the only picture i have of them actually posing for a photo together

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Reasons I Ship Crisscolfer: The way Darren looks at Chris. (1/5)

Like Chris is his most favorite person in the world.
Like he could spend the rest of the night just talking to Chris.
Like just being near Chris lights him up from the inside.
Like Chris is his best friend.

x x x

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10 favorite characters (in alphabetical order)    1. Blaine Anderson

“I only use lotion on my hands, it looks weird if a person just has tan hands!”

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